Founder Chairman's Message

Dr. Nem Nath Jain

“Never say die” is more than just an adage. It is the essence of my journey of life from a 16-year-old refugee from Rawalpindi to a recipient of Padma Shri in my 90th decade.

Dr. NN Jain, the nonagenarian Founder Chairman of Prestige Group of Industries and Institutions is a first-generation entrepreneur who fought adversity and emerged victorious at each stage. He came to Indore from Rawalpindi during the partition. Starting life as a mere apprentice in a mill, Young Nemnath attended evening classes and taught himself Electrical and Mechanical engineering standing first in the initial batch of SGSITS Indore. He rose to be the CEO of that very company before he started out on his own and set up a cattle feed plant heralding his tryst with destiny to shape the futures of millions of soybean farmers and thousands of young students at the Prestige Institutions at Indore, Gwalior and Dewas.
It is the spirit of every Prestigean that has successfully steered the group through 45 years of Agribusiness and 27 years of higher education. I educated myself in spite of all my handicaps and that is when I realized that education is the only way to social upliftment. I am proud to present to the city of Indore, the nation, and the world of education a University with a difference. Coming off the heels of the Prestige group of Institutions including PIMR Indore, PIM Dewas PIM Gwalior, and PIEMR, Prestige University is my dream that I am seeing fulfil in front of my eyes today.

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