Graduate Programs

PIMR-UG Campus, Indore

Program name Seats Duration Affiliation Apply for admission
BBA 420 2 View more
BBA (Foreign Trade) 24 View more
BCA 24 View more
B.Com. (Hons.) 24 View more
BA (JMC) 24 View more

PIMR-Law Campus, Indore

Program name Seats Duration Affiliation Apply for admission
BA LLB (Hons.) 120 5 yrs Integrated View more
B.Com. LLB (Hons.) 120 5 yrs Integrated View more
BA LLB (Hons.) 120 5 yrs Integrated View more
LLB (Hons.) 120 3 yrs Integrated View more
LLM 60 2 Yrs View more

PIM-Campus, Gwalior

Program name Seats Duration Affiliation Apply for admission
BBA View more
BAC View more
B.Sc.(Computer Application Hons.) View more
B.Com(Economics) View more
B.Com(Computer Application) View more
B.Com(Hons.) View more
BBA LLB (Hons.) View more
B.Com LLB (Hons.) View more
BA LLB (Hons.) View more

PIEMR-Campus, Indore

Program name Seats Duration Affiliation Apply for admission
B.Tech (CS) View more
B.Tech(E&C) View more
B.Tech(ME) View more
B.Tech(Civil) View more
B.Tech(electrical) View more

PIEMR-Campus, Indore

Program name Seats Duration Affiliation Apply for admission
BBA View more
BCA View more
B.Com (Hons.) View more
B.Com(Computer Application) View more


Features :-

  • Exposure to conceptual understanding of various fundamentals of management and business processes
  • Executive communication and personality development is an essential component of the curriculum.
  • Extensive corporate exposure and intensive enrichment programs,from the top-notch experts of industry.
  • Enhancement of the immediate employability of the students.
  • Acquisition of analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills to meet industry standards.
  • Introduction and preparation for research methodology.
  • The qualitatively superior and intellectually stimulating academic program

Eligibility :-

For BBA --- 10+2 with 50 percentage marks in aggregate.
For further Inquiry :- 7869913303/04/05/06/07


The course is designed keeping in mind the undergraduate students, for enhancing their employability skills and career progression. The following innovative practical oriented courses are a part of the BBA Foreign Trade Program:

Specialization in Foreign Trade

  • Foreign Trade.
  • Port Management
  • Logistics & Shipping
  • Global Entrepreneurship
  • Home and Family Business

Focus on Employability Skills

  • Compulsory Program into Reasoning, Aptitude, and Communication
  • Corporate Employability Tests, Competitive Exams and Entrance Test � CAT,MBA

Focus on International Exposure (An Opportunity for Foreign Visit)

  • Study Exchange Programs � Focusing US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, other
  • Summer Internship to Dubai, South Africa, USA, UK
  • Careers into Languages � French, English, and others

International Accredited 6 Certifications (1 in Each Semester)

  • Excel Professional
  • Digital Marketing
  • Practical HR Generalist
  • Export Documentation and Customs Procedure
  • Shipping and Logistics � (Logistics Skill Council � NSQF Level 4 )
  • International Banking and Finance and many more
  • Home & Family Business Specialization

    • Foreign Buyers and Sellers Meet
    • Participation in Trade Fairs and Export Promotion Councils
    • Handholding & International Business Start-up
    • Export Documentation and Customs Procedure
    • Succession Business Orientation and Practical Hands-on experience
    • International Banking and Finance and many more

    Eligibility: 60% in 10+2 in any Stream
    For further Inquiry :- 7869913303/04/05/07



    • Qualitatively superior and intellectually stimulating academic program.
    • Exposure and facilitation to acquire analytical, creative, and problem-solving skills to meet industrial standards.
    • Hallmark is an emphasis on the latest computer application through different software.
    • A well-drafted structured syllabus incorporating theoretical concepts with ‘hands-on practical lessons and teaching pedagogy’.
    • It provides a comprehensive insight into the area of systems management, system development, software application, and hardware technology.

    For BCA :- 10+2 with Mathematics and 50 percent marks in aggregate.
    For further Inquiry :- 7869913303/04/05/06/07


    • Exposure to specialized skills in finance, accounting, banking, law, and taxation to cope up with the complex business environment.
    • It gives a solid foundation for those who are pursuing professional courses like CA, ICWA, ACCAA, and CS.
    • It provides a cutting edge to students who are interested in specializing in MBA Finance.
    • B.Com (Hons.) in itself enhances the immediate employability of the students.
    • Elevated and practical understanding through ‘on the job’ internship and varied enrichment programs.
    • Nurture budding talent through multi-pronged and experiential methods of teaching.
    • Provide a strong foundation for quantum carrier growth.


    For B.Com (Hons.) --- 10+2 with 60 percent marks in aggregate.
    For further Inquiry -: 7869913303/04/05/06/07

    BA(JMC)- Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication


    • For BA in Journalism and Mass Communication --- 10+2 with 50 percent marks in aggregate.
    • The Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication at Prestige Institute of Management and Research prepares students to work in twenty-first-century media. Graduates will be proficient in areas ranging from media ethics, media policy, to writing for advertisement, public relations, print media, online media, electronic media, and production skills. They will be committed to provide the public with media content that meets local and regional needs and is global in outlook and standard.
    • Features

    • Exposure to sophisticated communication skills, in Hindi and English, and hone their ability to write, present, comprehend, and comment upon news coverage.
    • Understanding the working of advertising, public relation, electronic media, print media, and social responsibility of media industries.
    • Making proficient in contexts related to the new media.
    • Understanding the theoretical and practical elements of journalism.
    • How to relate media theory and practice to fields such as politics, economics, law, business, information science, and liberal arts.
    • Recognizing the role of media as an element of individual and global cultures, with particular emphasis in respect of diversity-related to race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and other personal characteristics and orientations.
    • Learning Outcomes

    • Students graduating from PIMR will be able to:
    • Identify and administer various media platforms to communicate with diverse audiences about a wide range of topics.
    • Analyze the complexities of information gathering, evaluate the credibility of sources, and ensure the highest possible reliability of the information provided to the public.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in production aesthetics, particularly in using digital media platforms, to provide various forms of media content to the public.
    • Determine and analyze elements of communication theory, including the societal responsibilities and professional practices of news, public relation, advertising, electronic media, online media, and other media;
    • Identify various facets of issues, think independently and critically, and make informed judgments;


    Mass communication is a vast field covering many areas under it. Some of the areas for employment are discussed under the following headings. The BA(JMC) program of PIMR, therefore, provides excellent academic inputs in the field mentioned as under


    In short, journalism is collecting and editing of news for presentation through media. Print journalism has been one of the oldest forms of journalism. Newspapers and magazines, big or small have always been a major source of news and information throughout the world and millions of readers go through them daily. Over the years, print journalism has witnessed major transformation; the simple reporting of yesterday has taken a shape of a highly specialized and professional field owing to competition and other factors. The newspapers and magazines today cover a wide range of specialized sections like political events, business news, leisure, cinema, sports, career, health and so many other subjects, which demands professionally qualified journalists. Given the variety of subjects to choose from, one can look forward to a field of interest and pursue several available courses in that direction.


    The introduction of electronic communication especially through broadcasting has affected the lifestyles and thoughts of the masses. Communication mediums like television, radio, audio, video, etc. have made possible news, entertainment, information, education-related subjects reach the very far and wide places. It has to an extent sidelined other forms of communication. With the growing network of TV, satellite communication, cable services, radio stations, etc., the future of this industry seems bright. Electronic journalism offers to professionally qualified aspirants opportunities in several fields. Some of these are direction, production, camera, graphics, editing, sound, program research, scriptwriting, etc.


    When we talk of online media today, there is no dearth of available professional career options. Although, it is not all that easy to taste success in one of the most competitive and sought after fields, but definitely for someone sanguine and determined, it can be quite rewarding. Online media have earned the recognition and fascination of masses. There are so many different groups of people associated with the so-called online media and one has a variety to choose from the available options like content writer, web analyst, web designer, web developer etc. One definitely finds it useful to pursue these courses in order to hone their skills and make themselves better to compete with the best in the industry.


    Advertising is brand building process of a product, idea, thought or a service, through effective mediums of communication. From newspapers, magazines, posters, signboards, bills to the commercials on radio, television and even Internet, advertising has come a long way. Business organizations, political organizations, social organizations, all find it important to advertise in order to influence public opinion. Since advertising is a service industry, the reputation of the ad agency depends on the effective work being done and campaign released from time to time. This makes the job even more challenging. With the advent of the multinational companies, more and more Indian agencies are tying up with the foreign agencies to pitch for international clients, which is clearly indicative of high growth in coming years in this industry.


    Once, the simple operation of publicity today has emerged as an important management function. Public Relations, as the name suggests, is used to generate and portray, positive image of an organization by various means. Business houses, schools, universities, hospitals, government institutions, etc. engage public relations personnel and agencies to cast and present their image, objectives and policies in the best possible light. For somebody to become a successful public relation consultant, it is imperative to have a liking to meet people along with excellent communication skills, ability to interact with, convince people, and build a rapport is important. The other traits should be, quick decision making abilities and good organizational skills.

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